Education and Training of Children

Did you know that children copy you? Children’s IQ levels are unusual. Kids learn quickly from the environment around them.

Avoid these things if you want your children to be good citizens of society

  1. Never lie to children never differentiate between children if there is more than one child.
  2. Never over-praise your other child in front of one child
  3. Do not scold your child in front of the other
  4. Have a friendly attitude towards all children
  5. If you are a father, always speak to your child’s mother in good manners in front of the children.
  6. If you are a mother of children, do not say goodbye to your husband in front of your children.
  7. Keep children away from the conflict environment and provide a positive environment for children.
  8. Provide children with a positive activity and sports environment
  9. Children should be cleanly clothed daily so that they have a habit of cleaning from childhood. Children who are used to cleaning do not do any dirty or wrong things when they grow up.
  10. Pray to children and teach the Holy Quran from childhood
  11. Encourage your children to do small things and never be discouraged
  12. Always speak well in front of children and never do any wrong to anyone.

Some mothers have a habit from their childhood, and some fathers begin to educate and train their children against their mothers. Become brutal and manipulative, and fall prey to other social evils, no matter how many wars there may be between wives, never let their influence befall children, never let their children know that their parents are among themselves. Battles fight if you are able to take care of these little things, get a guarantee. Your children will succeed in the world and the Hereafter.

Today, changing the political priorities, changing the mandate of the people, spreading the party’s manifesto and revolutionary slogans to the masses, gaining votes, imposing their sins on others, increasing their efficiency, communicating with the political leaders to the masses. Offering the opportunity to globally share its political strategy, foreign policy, relations with neighbors, US policy, elimination of poverty from our country, promotion of education and modern technology, human rights, freedom of the media and political crisis. These are all issues that every political party of World inherits.

How important is Children’s Education

Political betrayal is all considered a part of the political wars; the political wars are no longer being fought on the field, in drum rooms and tables, but these wars are now fought on social media, propaganda which has always been considered a political weapon. Now it is also being used freely on social media, the political bourgeois class has learned the skill of using this medium, their preferences, circular, propaganda, pantre and tens of millions of voters, workers in a few seconds. And reach the masses. Columns, reviews, and revelations written in favor and opposition of political parties are now steeped in minutes, silencing readers and viewers’ responses and responses.

YouTube is also one of the most popular and popular social media tools and services millions of World and millions of foreigners use this site for knowledge and entertainment. Most World neuroscientists upload their online courses to YouTube, Distance education boxes, notes and contents are also available on YouTube for reading, but this site has been closed by the government for years, now some rules are being enacted which hopefully will make it disappear soon. By the way, proxy web sites, including YouTube, are also easily viewed by us, the Government of World Google and YouTube. Management reserves the discussions in this regard to any issues in this regard yesterday Kalan and raise his head.

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