Target of the education system: Professional skills or human constructivism?

Our education system is committed to eliminating those capabilities rather than nurturing the educational potential in us. Our current education system appears to provide information only on professional matters. This system of education can be useful to a person as a beneficial human being, a person to the person, and a vision to transform the process into various stages. This article will provide information on all these topics, as there is no qualification. The main responsibility of education was to make the subject. The subject will focus on the spiritual, mental, and physical construction of man, rather than professionalism.


It is very important to have a basic understanding of the various aspects of life in order to shape the human personality. Because the information of any item exposes the negative and positive aspects of this item to us. Which in our mind makes the concept of giving up or adopting this item a highlight.

Books, intellectuals, past experiences, and content on the Internet are a means of increasing our knowledge.


Self-reliance is crucial for the human personality structure. The current curriculum is designed to build self-confidence in individuals. Rather, it is with great sadness that the curriculum, on its own, examines the journey of self-esteem from a child through examination. However, below are some basic self-esteem accessories that will be most useful if the Lord desires. 1- Don’t let your fear overwhelm you.

Staying in concert over and over.

Communication skills play a key role in human personality compliance. Once again, it is sad to say that the current curriculum does not show any interest in this important topic of communication skills. The centers of interest for this curriculum are not just completing syllabus, conducting exams, releasing exam results. Are. So, as a square, it is my responsibility to comment on the useful factors in shaping the humanitarian education on the one hand, in order for you to bring the essence of this embedded educational system to the other.

“Verbal Communication” and “Non Verbal Communication”.

To improve the connectivity, we need to work very seriously on both “Verbal Communication” and “Non Verbal Communication”. The above mentioned curriculum is very useful for human construction as well as for exposing the face of education. Hopefully the government will take practical steps after this incident to eradicate the evildoers from our educational institutions. And state institutions will establish their supremacy and provide the best law and order situation. Where everyone can continue healthy activities with freedom and law and order, and valuable student safety.

Communication skills:

If the role of the school in feminine life is taken aside for a few moments, then it will be impossible to handle. If the school had no significant impact on the development of human life, then schools, schools and other schools would never exist. The school has created some of the most famous names. The school develops the ability to act positively by nurturing a child’s thoughts and thoughts. Which is unprecedented for human life. After independence, Malaysia advised the think tank about what needs to be done to bring human life in various aspects. Give three different views from the think tank. The last opinion was that there was too much work to be done in a short time, with an emergency imposed. Emergency schools were built, tents were built due to lack of resources and time, and three to four classes were created a year. Because there is a system of power that human beings need to educate for the human life, which only and only schools can play.

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