The Reality Of The Curriculum

Education is a social process. There are four basic elements which are the objective teaching, curriculum, methodology and teaching. The most important of these is the “curriculum”, which is also called the heart of education. In fact, curriculum is the instrument by which an educational institution performs its duty and helps to achieve national objectives. ۔ Purpose education If the destination is a destination or a destination, then the curriculum is the destination on which a person walks and serves his or her destination.

The word “Latin” is a word which means, the path on which to walk. A person has his own destination. For students, the curriculum refers to the lessons that a teacher teaches in the classroom. Academic thinkers explain their meaning in different ways. Some have used it widely, namely, a curriculum that is used in the field of classrooms, libraries, laboratories or sports to achieve educational goals. And while some thinkers have used it in a limited way, that is, educational materials that can be distributed weekly or term-wise or semester-wise.

What is Curriculum made up?

Thinkers’ views on nurturing are just as different. Individuals’ opinions may be different by touching different parts of the elephant. The blind person who catches the elephant sounds like an elephant snake. Those who hold the leg will say that it is a tree. Whoever touches his ear, let him be a fan. And one should make an elephant’s teeth with spears. Expert education has defined the curriculum as such. According to Elizabeth Mashia, the curriculum is called teaching material. George Pine states something like this. “The curriculum teachers and administrators name for the madrassa are all the situations through which changes in the role of children and young people coming to the madrassa are made.” Contains the guidance of a seminary. The curriculum refers to the madrassa’s struggle to achieve its stated goals, both within and outside the seminary.

What is Reality Based Learning?

The syllabus preparation consists of several stages. It starts with the assessment of the needs and objectives of the society and goes through the process of instructional materials, teaching and review. The preparation of the essay is not a simple and concrete process. In addition to the needs of society, change is inevitable. In the final step it has to be evaluated with a pre-selected objective. If the goals are not being achieved then the process has to start afresh. The curriculum change is an essay that has several milestones. For example, the process of curriculum change is in the process of integrating content so it has gone through social needs analysis and goals. Change in the system is not a process that you can come in and do your part. Nor is there any definitive process that has to be stopped after the change. In the last step it has to be analyzed with a pre-selected objective. If the goals are not being achieved then the process has to start afresh.

Why is it Important for Teachers to know the curriculum

Sadly, theology has been given a separate subject in our current system of education. And the rest of the subjects have been left out of the Islamic concept. It should have been a complete curriculum that integrated the modern sciences of modern sciences. And the values ​​raised in them would prove to be good and useful citizens of society. Therefore, there is an urgent need to build the existing curriculum on the right lines. He says that an Englishman was drinking tea at a railway station in India. That’s why the train came. He did not think it appropriate to leave the tea incomplete and asked for ice to cool down. When the hotel management and the people saw the English pouring the tea into the ice. So they too started using ice with tea. And made it known that pouring snow reduces the damage of tea.

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