The Role Of The School In Human Development

School raises human consciousness. A baby is born first of its own. Then her first lesson is the lap of the mother. Students climbs the course of life, is just four years old and is dropped off at the seminary, school, school. After Mother’s adoption, schoolwork has a profound impact on human life.

The role that the school plays in human development is also a milestone. That is why whenever a school chooses its own teaching staff, it does so according to its mindset that has proven to be best for human development. The most prominent role in the role of the school is the head, the thinking and the vision of the head of the school. The head roll is like a tree trunk. As strong, strong and beautiful, its branches (teachers) will play a significant role in creating beauty and beauty. That is, the head of the school and the staff play a key role in human development.

The Process of Learning and Human Development

The moral and social and mental training that the school has after mother’s adoption will have just as good and far-reaching consequences. The role of human life depends on its teacher. That is why the teacher has been given the status of a spiritual father. After the migration to Medina, the construction of the mosque and the building of the Safa Sahabah is the beginning of the school. There, Jalil al-Qadr used to study companions. Religious and worldly affairs were taught. Thanks to this teaching, we are living a good life today and receive guidance from them in various matters of life.

The role of the school on human life can also be examined in this way, research on earth and sky, man step on the moon, flying in the air, modern treatment for human survival, daily experiments on scientific studies, air from earth and Examples of these are living examples of air-to-earth killing devices, nuclear energy, surgery, research from the human body to nails to head hair. If there were no schools and seminaries, humans would still be in the jungle like wild beasts, with no civilization and identity. Arif Karim, the daughter of a young nation who made a name for himself in the world of Microsoft and Soft. Praise be to Allaah. Whether Rashid Minhas is a martyr or a soldier popular Hussain, Major Aziz Bhatti martyr Havilansiq Naik is safe, Colonel Sher Khan or Shabir Sarwar is martyred, Major Mohammad Tufail or Maryam Mukhtar is martyred.

The Importance of School Education

It is the result of hard work and dedication of the practicing and patriotic teachers there. Honorable readers, hope you understand the role of the school and its importance in promoting human life through these few examples. I urge you to send your children to school If anyone is unable to send their children to school due to lack of financial resources in the Andos neighborhood, it is our Islamic and social duty.

School and Community Influences

The worst killers and warlords of Hitler’s time have come to the fore historically, during which war was conveyed to them that the death toll was rising due to war, if war continued the nation would end. Hitler replied, “Find out if the teachers are saved.” Hitler said, then get them to a safe place … If there are post-war schools, these teachers will be able to rebuild. That is why they say that there is more precious pen than a sword. Pen refers to education, education is possible only when schools are part of society. Take a look at the remote areas around you, where there is a lack of education and education where schools are scarce or inadequate. There is no literacy rate. She is forced to live human life like an animal, because the school was not established there. If schools are present, then how far are they to reach where their children cannot go or are unsafe? Because of this, the residents there are lacking in the importance and role of the school. To overcome this shortcoming, because without school, human development is impossible.

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