What Is Difference between Educated and Uneducated Person

When US President Barack Obama was elected president of the United States, he was asked on TV screens for the first time, “You belong to a middle class black family and how do you select a president?

The US president’s response was astonishing and inspiring, saying, “After recognizing the destination, this black boy made friends with hard work and struggle.”

Success is everyone’s dream, but why doesn’t it come to everyone’s part?

What is the reason that only a few people can enjoy it? According to Malcolm S. Forbner, “Capability is a cartridge and a hard gun”. We have the guns of struggle and hard work to achieve success. The destination kisses his feet. Honor, fame, wealth, his legacy. History places it in his memory. Those who seek it are desperate to take his autograph. Let’s do it.

What Is The Difference Between These People And Us?

They are people like us and belong to our generation. Eat the same, drink the same, and wear the same. These successful people can be a student, a businessman, a parent, and the head of the organization. The main reason for their success is continuous work and struggle. The founders of McDonald’s (the famed fast food chain), after experiencing many failures in life, invested all their money into their burger business, they fell on it. I have a McDonald’s branch. Once you plan on something, stumble upon it, constantly strive for success.

Why Is Success Destined For Them?

In any corner of the world, in any institution, in any job, unless there is hard work and struggle, then the concept of success is still prevalent. Many of us interpret success and achievement as successful. They think that success is the ultimate pursuit of intoxication that is desirable. It is the paradox of success that is more often linked to greed.

Our problem is that we believe in success but are not ready to go the hard way. In other words, it would be better to go to heaven and not want to die. Not only do those who find success and hard work reach the destination, but in the event of defeat, they continue the journey because they believe that the destination is a fountain for them in some other form, and theirs The task is to keep going, regardless of the outcome and the outcome.

What Makes a Person Educated?

Self-esteem means trusting yourself. Knowing your abilities and trusting your strengths. Because of lack of self-esteem, we are not able to do a lot of work. They wish they could find a good job. If there is no sign of getting a job, then they would oppose their parents and ask for money to start their own business. Most parents do not trust their children and do not provide them with the funds to do their business. On the other hand, about 99% of the young people who give their families their trust and give them money.

There are two main reasons for this failure, the first of which is the self-esteem of the youth and the other important reason is inexperience. Parents are the main reason for the decline in self-esteem. From birth to adolescence it is prevented from doing everything and it is believed that you cannot do it. You are not worth it. This is not your time. You are a child now you do not know all of these things. Many parents do not even give their children proper pocket money for fear that this child will waste money. To start a business, young people do not get money from home. It turns out that parents do not trust and trust their abilities.

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