Why is Body Language Important in Teaching?

There are currently numerous languages ​​spoken in the world. There are also countries where thousands of languages ​​are spoken simultaneously, the most spoken language in the world is called Mandarin, which is spoken in China and Taiwan and Singapore. Then comes Spanish and then English, besides that there is another language which is considered all over the world is the language of gestures, the good of this language is that it does not need any kind of words, the language is basically But there is a way of communicating with human beings, with the help of which people communicate to each other.

Non-verbal Communication is used in Teaching

In addition to language, speech is very important in communicating your word. In fact, interpreting and interpreting our words is not so important. What you are saying is not important. Through language, human beings need words to understand or explain words, but a language is a language that does not even need words or words to understand it. This language is called body language. Sometimes the person is saying something and his or her tone is saying something else but the body language is saying something else, in which case all three sources are sending different messages.

For example, if an inside person who is weak and weak, who is also a little weird, for some reason expresses his benevolence in proper words then send these three things three separate messages simultaneously. Yes, the words are appropriate, the tone is trite, but the body language is clearly telling that it is hollow from the inside, with the sound its hands will be shaking, the nose will blossom, and the body will be shaking unconsciously. The fingers of the hands will start to squeeze, then they will sit up. His hands will start to move faster than the tail will allow the viewer to think that the hands are not moving with the feet, during this condition if you have a thread in a needle, then the jug is placed on the table with water in the glass. Even if asked to put it, he would not fill the glass without dropping water on the table.

How can a teacher use his or her Physical Experience?

Now you should consider that in these cases, these three languages ​​conveyed three separate messages, the words were certainly polite, but if one goes to his words only. So he will not give his talk any special importance and will consider it a daily protest, and if the front man only goes to his accent, then he will have to take his point very seriously, leaving only the other thing that is his body language. Then he will realize that it is the anger of the weak that will start from ignorance and end with contempt.

What can the teacher do to help establish rapport with the students?

I believe that with other matters, especially in the matter of love, language is the last means of communicating to one’s audience what a person’s number is screaming and saying what he wants to say. Or what’s in his heart right now, in the presence of the person concerned, your body language is different, in fact your whole body from head to toe is reflecting on your emotions. You are silent but your body language is your emotions. You see the people of showbiz review any successful showbiz personality, even though the choice of his words may not be unique even if his tone is not very high, but in the case of body language, he will find you very attractive Now it depends on the consciousness of the front that their consciousness is based on their body language Untold does not understand. You see the personality of those who care about all these things, and you can also see the personality of those who do not value them.

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