Your Child Needs Your Attention

I have a student who does not show interest in any work in class. Neither in education nor work. Everything is incomplete. Give lectures so he doesn’t even listen. He does not even participate in answering questions when asked questions. Two or three times I was hard on him, so in response he tried to respond and when the other students in the class gave a shouted response, I felt a sense of difference in his face. Actually giving grandparents through the rest of the students was actually motivating her and that encouragement can sometimes make her serious in life, making her think that if she were to answer a question correctly in class today But I have been encouraged in front of the whole class so if I do well and do well then how much honor do I have in life. But such encouragement requires such children for a long time and in the classroom the teacher does not have the time to give only one child time because the students and students in the class also need the attention of the teachers.

Why it is Important to give a Child Your Full Attention

Therefore, parents have the greatest hand in moving and nurturing such a child. Many parents are careless in this regard. They are sending their child to school because of the trends around them in life, but if their child is not doing well in class, then they may not even try to find out and their child enters it. The straps pass through the numbers and enter the other party, or the defeat in the same party becomes their destiny again. Such children need their parents’ attention and encouragement because the child spends only five hours a day with their teachers and the rest with their parents, so no one can guide them better than the parents. ۔

How do You Deal with an Attention seeking child

Knowledge of the art of human relationships is extremely important for teachers to advance without attaining their goals and goals in today’s wide-ranging worldview. Students, dear students, and colleagues If teachers, executives and administrators succeed in building quality and healthy relationships with teachers, its positive effects not only on teachers’ performance but also on quality education and teaching. If you are unfamiliar with the art of human relations, quality education not only suffers, but the teaching of teaching Achieving goals and educational goals is also almost impossible. In order to make effective teaching practice possible, it is important for teachers to understand the professional skills and psychological principles of human relations. Human beings are social animals. The cave is said to be familiar, but it is indispensable for the creature within it to embellish it with the art of public relations and its significance and significance.

Why does Child Seeks Negative Attention

By staying in the realm of social life, a man protects himself from the discomforts and confusion of society while maintaining a healthy and better relationship with other people. If there is no stakeholder in the outside world, then there is a decline in the quality of education and teaching and its effectiveness.

Healthy relationships are never self-evident, but they have to be built. Constructions and efforts are needed to create and develop relationships. Knowledge of behavior and psychology is essential, which not only enables us to change ourselves but also to change others by following the principles of effective communication. Improving all school resources and administrative responsibilities All relevant public relations skills for teachers to keep all management and school personnel satisfied It is important to learn, which are helpful in building a happy relationship.

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